A story from 1976

TechnoHalyps – Kollios S.A.

Kollios company was founded in 1976 in Metamorfosi, Attica. In 1985, it implemented its first expansion, creating a branch in the Industrial Zone of Oinophyta Schimatari on a 20-acre site. And finally, investing again in an area of 8 acres, it moves its headquarters to Daskalogianni & Nafplio, Metamorfosi, Attica.

Some of the products that you can find in Kollios company are iron B 500 C, mantle in any length to ensure the one-piece fastener from 0.80 m to 15 m, one-piece anti-seismic hoops (robot) and structural mesh.

We undertake the construction and installation of concrete-building iron.

The complete equipment of Kollios has:

  • Automatic machines for cutting and shaping concrete – construction iron.
  • Machines for the manufacture of one-piece seismic girders (robots)
  • from Φ8 to Φ16 in B 500 C .
  • Automatic beam welding machine for any requirement
  • from Φ8 to Φ16 per 3 to per 30.
  • Three dump trucks.
  • Three trucks with lifting machine (parrot)
  • and the possibility of lifting to the 6th and 7th building slab.
  • Five tractors with loaders.

A noteworthy reference is the patent of Ioannis Kollios where he designed, manufactured and implemented for the first time in the Greek market the Cloak. The Mantle is one of the most important innovations in iron processing, where it completely changed the data in terms of seismic resistance and speed in construction and installation.

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